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Member Code of Conduct

Chineham Park Running Club

This Code of Conduct will apply at training sessions, race meetings & social events.

  1. Behave sensibly and with due consideration to others at all times.

  2. Do not behave aggressively, either verbally or physically to anyone. No sexual or racial harassment (intimidation or bullying).

  3. Do not swear or use obscene language or gestures towards anyone.

  4. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every member and treat everyone equally.

  5. Challenge inappropriate behaviour and language of others; or bring it to the attention of a club official.

  6. Recognise the importance of team ethos and congratulate and support fellow athletes.

  7. Always thank the coaches, club officials and marshals who enable you to participate in the running activities of the club.

  8. Promote a good and positive image of Chineham Park Running Club.

  9. Wear the club’s official colours of red/white swirl tops/(preferably) black shorts or black leggings when representing the club at races and running events.

  10. All members are to adhere to all Health and Safety matters, whilst training and participating in running events. Observe and comply with safety instructions given by the coaching team and marshals (including the pre-session briefing).

  11. Inform a senior coach/session coach of any medical condition/injury that may influence your ability to train or to compete before participating in club activities.

  12. All members will follow the Highway Code whilst training and not take unnecessary risk with traffic.

  13. All members will support the coaching team by actively participating as a marshal when requested to do so.

  14. Refrain from engaging in any communication with the press or via the internet/social media which seeks to criticise other club members, coaches, officials or event organisers and other clubs. If a member has a grievance, this should be taken up with a club official in the first instance.

  15. Comments made verbally, or on the club’s social media pages, should be polite, positive, supportive and related to the running activities of the club. They must not be abusive, offensive, derogatory or of a private nature and if they are, the moderators reserve the rights to delete these types of postings.

  16. Coaches/Group Run Leaders are to treat all that participate in sessions with equal dignity and respect regardless of ability, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political persuasion.

  17. Coaches/Group Run Leaders are to follow all guidelines laid down by UK Athletics (UKA), England Athletics (EA) and Chineham Park Running Club.

  18. Coaches/Group Run Leaders are to place the welfare and safety of members above the development of performance.

  19. By becoming a member of the Chineham Park Running Club, every member agrees to abide by the Club’s Constitution and Rules, Member Code of Conduct; the Rules of Competition and other rules as regulated by UK Athletics (UKA), England Athletics (EA) and Association of Running Clubs (ARC).

  20. Membership may be terminated by resignation of a member, or by a majority vote of the club officers for violations of this Code of Conduct (in accordance with the club’s disciplinary procedures).

 (Adopted 26th January 2016)



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